Specialist in Geothermal drilling, water well drilling and mini pilling

Water well drilling

Anyone with in the United Kingdom is allowed to drill a water well on their private land and extract 20,000ltr/day, with out an extraction license.  

GSI have drilled many water wells across the country, domestic supply for your home, farms, golf courses, livery yards or just to top up your pond or water your garden.  

GSI follows the BDA water well drilling practices, our water wells are drilled and completed with PVC water well casing, gravel packed over the screens and bentonited to surface to stop any surface contamination into your aquifer, on completion a manhole and wellhead will be installed.   

Also at completion of the borehole we flow test the borehole, to clean the water and confirm yield.  

Unlike other drillers, if we do not obtain the expected yield we do not charge our Customer.  

Many references can be supplied on request.